How to Get Organized as a PTO Treasurer

Drowning in a mess of disorganized bank statements, reimbursement requests and receipts?  I have the best solution for you right here!  It's a fantastic planner system, that is flexible with the needs of your PTA or PTO and can whip your hot mess into shape in no time!  Here’s how!

In addition to the fabulous Treasurer's Planner, you’ll need a few more physical components to ensure the binder stays perfectly organized:

Heavy Duty 3 Ring Binder

Now's not the time to try to get by with a flimsy binder that won't stand up over time.  Make a small investment in a quality binder now, so your planner will look fantastic for months and years to come!

I highly recommend Avery heavy duty binders.  They have a lot of features (D shaped rings, reinforced seams, pocket covers and spine) that all combine to make a terrific binder!

3 Hole Punch

If you don't already have a 3 hole paper punch in your home office supply collection, now is the time to add one!  Putting papers in your binder in the rings versus using pockets makes keeping the binder super organized much easier!  And this version of a punch requires less force to push the holes and you can punch up to 20 sheets at a time.  Such a time saver!

Binder Pockets

Having more storage options for papers you get at meetings is exactly what you need to keep your binder organized!  I really like these clear binder pockets.  Avery products typically hold up really well and these are no exception.  I really like that these pockets are clean, so they don't add any visual clutter.

Divider Tabs

The last thing you'll need to keep your binder organized is a set of divider tabs.  Put the divider page sheets from the planner in the order you'd like them to go in your binder before trimming down the decorative divider pages and adhering them to front of the tabbed sheet.  Then, note the page name on the tab.  Custom tabbed dividers in mere minutes!

And that's what you'll need to get your binder set up.  Follow along with the step by step directions included in the planner to pull together a beautifully organized PTA/PTO Treasurer's Planner!

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